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How to develop a site that works

  Feb 25, 2017     Charles Mwakandiedza

What is a site that works ? A working site is a site which is able to be a win-win proposition for all parties online, that is your vistors, the search engines and you or your business. It must be able to convince the search engines to index it and lure the visitors to keep visiting. And lastly it must be able to achieve the results that the owner experts of it. In my previous blog post I talked a View More

Is your website serving it's purpose ?

  Feb 16, 2017     Charles Mwakandiedza

When asked if they are marketing their businesses online, most individuals and organizations would confirm that they are just because they have a website. Today I want to make it clear that having a website does not necessarily mean you are marketing online. Having a website is not and will never be equivalent to marketing online. Nevetheless, one often needs a website inorder to market onlin View More

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